Hamim VeTaim was established in 1980. Hamim VeTaim is a dynamic and flexible company which specializes in the manufacture of traditional ethnic frozen foods and offers a variety of Vegetarian & Vegan ethnic food.


Today, you can find our products worldwide, for instance, in well-known supermarket chains such as Spar, Tesco, etc.


Our vision is to enrich our customers' palate by exposing them to the wonders of different  tastes and aromas from around the world.


Hamim Vetaim invests maximum efforts to ensure the quality and the special original taste of its products. In order to ensure that, we at  Hamim VeTaim follow these practices:

  • Uncompromised supervision over the quality and freshness of raw materials to maintain the highest of industry standards.
  • Uncompromised supervision of hygiene in the manufacturing process.
  • Research and development: we focus our efforts on the development of authentic ethnic foods and tapas while keeping in mind  the present and future market demands and requirements.
  • ISO 22000(Standards Institution of Israel)  and HACCP  certification.
  • Kosher certification